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unconscious play

I am Puck Dieben. I graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2016. As a pragmatic poet; I likes to search for simple solutions within limitations and love to give shape to imaginative concepts. In my design process I translate my ideas into simple yet playful objects that are characterized by a sincere, graphic form language. By doing this, I aim to capture wonder from daily life in tangible and useful design.





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For this project I explored the subject stress. The main question was: How do you make stressfull moments less likely to cause chaos in your head? I have drawn inspiration from several sources, from traditional worry beads, to documented scientific research that demonstrates how play and the handling of an object can suppress overaccesive thoughts. This research resulted in a collection of playfull interior accents that are designed to interact. Each object has its own personality that triggers your imagination. Because of their undefined purpose, the curio stimulate an unconscious play with the hands that help keeping the mind at ease.

Images provided by Puck Dieben. All rights reserved.

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