table characters

A souvenir for Enschede

For this Assignment I designed a souvenir for the Dutch city Enschede. Facade Characters are wooden boards that in certain areas of the Netherlands, especially Northeast Twente,  traditionally adorn the ridge of a rooftop. People believe that these signs repel witchcraft and evil.


I decided to rotate the different shapes of these signs and create 3D objects that can be stacked on to each other. In this way different functions can be assigned to each object. Stacked, the objects represent a table piece in the traditional shape of a facade sign, apart from each other they can have any function; a vase, a plate, a bowl, a paperweight.

Images provided by Puck Dieben. All rights reserved.

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I am Puck Dieben. I graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2016. As a pragmatic poet; I likes to search for simple solutions within limitations and love to give shape to imaginative concepts. In my design process I translate my ideas into simple yet playful objects that are characterized by a sincere, graphic form language. By doing this, I aim to capture wonder from daily life in tangible and useful design.



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